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Ammoon Octa


Ammoon Octa
In stock

In great condition....

Has a great DSP chip in it (300mhz SHARC processor)
Tracks super fast
Polyphonic Octaving works great for most chord voicings
Can't beat it for the price. It's a pog killer.

OCTA precise polyphonic octave generator pedal provides super-fast tracking and dynamic octave, make your 6-string guitar sounds like 12-string.
Create a sound by 3 separate control knobs
DRY sound(controls the output volume of the Dry signal at the Output jack)
SUB octave(controls the output volume of the Sub octave signal)
UP octave(controls the output volume of the octave Up signal).
Analog dry through signal retains your original guitar signal at the Input jack, As the Dry knob is turned clockwise, the volume of the Dry signal at the effect Out Jack increases.
High-quality and silent true bypass footswitch design, provides you with maximum signal path integrity; and LED indicator light for convenient operation.
Full metal shell, durable and sturdy, for long and reliable usage.

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