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Differential Audio Manefestations

Differential Audio Manefestations

Differential Audio Manifestationz. D*A*M for short. The name is kinda self explanatory, right? We manifest audio products that aim to make a difference. We've been making the world a fuzzier place since 2004, unofficially since 2002. Since that time we've paid our way on this blue green magnet by doing a job we love and will hopefully make a pedal or two that you'll love just as much.
Top quality 100% handmade pedals from South Yorkshire. The D*A*M idea is basically to create a fusion between the old and new. In its rawest form, a fat asssed stinky old fuzz circuit crammed into a small footprint sized stompbox. ay!

Joe's Pedals ltd. 115 Chancellors Way, Exeter, Devon. Company no: 07328535

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