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Echoline Roadrunner Overdrive


Echoline Roadrunner Overdrive
In stock

The critically acclaimed Roadrunner Overdrive, already being used by many top name guitarists / producers and endorsed by guitar legend Brinsley Schwarz.

Our Roadrunner is a natural and organic sounding, harmonically rich boost / overdrive pedal, with selectable diode clipping for different drive characteristics and compression, and ‘True Bypass’ switching. Using the original circuit and components that earned it such a great reputation back in 2012, re-engineered in 2016 for the best possible performance and build quality, and still fully hand wired in England by the original designer, using the finest components available.


Volume, Presence and Gain controls
3 way selectable diode clipping (symmetrical, asymmetrical and ‘no clipping’)
Full size potentiometers
Heavy duty footswitch and jack sockets
Military grade components and wiring
Original Pink pilot light
Standard 9vDC (centre negative) power input socket for power supply (not included)
3 year warranty
Full instructions / info with each pedal


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