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Maxon OD-9 (Analogman)


Maxon OD-9 (Analogman)
In stock

The rubber base has been replaced with velcro, check out pic's below.
This is an OD-9 with the analogman classic mod, i also suspect its had the KWS mod as you cannot get into it!

We can modify any TS-9, original or reissue, to 100% TS-808 specs, using the original type JRC4558D IC chip. This will improve any TS-9 (especially the weak ones). I use an IC socket rather than simply soldering-in the IC chip. I do not normally use a socket on the TS9DX as there is not really enough room. I also modify the output section of the TS-9 circuitry to 808 specs, which couples directly to the input of your amplifier. I'll modify your TS-9 (original or reissue) for $45. (See below for pre-modified new TS-9s.) I also "blueprint" the circuit board and wiring while I'm in there. The workmanship on these is quite good, but there are often a few cold or weak solder joints that I can improve. On well used TS-9s there are often cracks in the circuit board or the power jack solder attachments which I can strengthen. I always beef-up the attachment of the AC adaptor jack with more solder. I also tighten up the pots and jacks which will cause problems if they move. For even more durability I have the KWS tour survival option to make it even stronger, for an additional $15 for those of you who tour heavily and don't want a pedal have any problems when you are away from home. If your board is broken and the adaptor jack is no longer tight against the case, you should order the KWS option which will fix the board and make it better than new.


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