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Tortenmann TF 1 Filter Booster


Tortenmann TF 1 Filter Booster
In stock

The TF-1 Filter Booster is a versatile electrical instrument preamplifier that allows for frequency-selective level boost or cut in various filter shapes. Six frequency center points covering the whole range of an electric guitar or similar instruments are available for a boost or cut of up to 20dB, with the amount being continuously adjustable. The shape of the filter can be either low shelf, bell or high shelf, with the possibility of blending between the three shapes.

Being completely based on germanium semiconductor circuitry, the TF-1 is a rich and colourful sounding device by design, it yet retains a tonal sweetness even at the highest gain settings.

Extreme dependability has been stressed in the design of the TF-1 Filter Booster. Like all Tortenmann products, it is hand wired and assembled with only the highest quality components and with the greatest care.

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