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Young Pedals ADM 600 Delay


Young Pedals ADM 600 Delay
In stock

A very rare ADM-600 Analog Delay by Young Pedals,

This pedal is discontinued and only a few of these were ever made and they are highly sought after. Currently i can't find another for sale (Feb 2019) A little velcro on the base but can be easily removed, and original box.

The ADM-600 is a great all analog bucket brigade delay pedal with built-in modulation, all in a tiny enclosure. It can run on 9,12 or 18v and has an internal trails switch.
Specification• Fully analog signal path
• Uses 2x3205 BBDs
• Loosely based on the out-of-production Boss DM-2
• 600ms of delay time
• Pre-set triangle wave LFO (modulation)
• Internal trails switch
• Ultra small, 1.5" x 3.6" Hammond enclosure

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