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About me

About me

Do people really read this page? Are you reading it?
If so, then the warmest greetings to you, welcome to my website and thank's for stopping by.

Joe's Pedals has come about as a result of my personal passion for the humble stompbox. Having played in bands, toured continents and spent 13 years building the pedal business at Vintage and Rare Guitars in London, I have been able to immerse myself into sampling as many different brands, models and types as possible. I have built up a good knowledge base of what works well in different situations, with different rigs and down to personal preferences.
I have helped and advised pro musicians, aspiring players, those on the quest of tone, partners wanting that perfect present and anyone who is looking for a quality pedal to suit their needs.

I am here to help you too, any questions or comments, just let me know.


Joe's Pedals ltd. 115 Chancellors Way, Exeter, Devon. Company no: 07328535

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