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Greer, 390 Vintage OD/Preamp

Price: 99.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Greer, 390 Vintage OD/Preamp
In stock

Brand new condition, Now discontinued

The Greer Amps Custom Shop 390 Vintage OD/Preamp was created after we got a request from one of our very first endorsers who was seeking a vintage-sounding overdrive that could get harmonic crunch. Mr. Casey Meyer asked us to build him a pedal modeled after the vintage DOD Overdrive Preamp 250.

The 390 is our answer.

The 390 Vintage OD/Preamp features two controls--Gain and Volume. This pedal can go from light grit to nasty snarl with a turn of the Gain control. The 390 features a vintage-correct LM741 chip, and sounds awesome.

Now... did we just go out and copy the old pedal? We're glad you asked. Nope. We changed some things around. We upgraded all of the components, including all of the signal capacitors (Panasonic ECQ series and Nichicon KW audio series capacitors), resistors (metal film where needed for noise reduction), and even added diode protection and some light power filtering to help out when the 390 is running on a power supply.

The 390 features a high contrast, laser-etched, black and white faceplate. White knobs ensure you can see your settings anywhere, even on a dark stage. The 390 also features true bypass (like all Greer Amps pedals), and runs off a standard 9 volt, 2.1mm, negative center power supply. As always, we recommend using a high-quality, regulated, filtered power supply with all Greer Amps pedals.

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