3 Series Flanger

by JHS Pedals


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Effect: Flanger

In great condition with box, a little velcro on the base.

Manufactured in Kansas City, JHS incorporates high-quality parts with heavy attention to detail into this range of pedals. Ensuring easy and quality controls, the pedal is made up of three toggles and switch, making it easily accessible to a variety of different sounds, tones and effects. Its approachable price point is ideal for beginners not wanting to commit to an expensive pedal, but still acquire high-standard sound, especially from a reliable brand like JHS.

Versatile and easily accessible, the JHS 3 Series six-stage Phaser Pedal takes the classic phaser pedals of the 1970s’ and refines them into unique, experimental tones. Its blend control lets you combine the unaffected clean sound of your guitar with the amount of effect you would like. Width allows a wider projection of waves to create a psychedelic, space-like sound, whereas rate controls the speed so you can produce elongated or short vigorous bouncy waves. The feedback switch lets you explore a labyrinth of effects, helping you find your unique sounds.