A Mini More Ltd edition.

by Monty's


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Effects: Boost, Booster, JFET

In superb condition, comes with the box, manual etc.

Monty’s A Mini More! is the baby brother of the More! double JFET boost.

It is simply one side of the More! squeezed into a smaller package.

It is the same 15db JFET clean boost circuit that makes up one side of the More! dual boost but calling it a simple boost is doing it a disservice, it is really a frequency expander, it gives your tone a valve like feel and response, adding life and clarity to sterile tones, even when set at zero. It is perfect for slamming the front end of an amp or pedal while also giving you a more(!) lively, dynamic sound.

The More! circuit was designed in collaboration with the bearded electronic behemoth Steve Crow of Audio Kitchen fame, that’s a pretty good pedigree!

The A Mini More! is true bypass and can be run from 9v up to 18v.