Absolute Destruction

by Death By Audio

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Effect: Fuzz

The Death By Audio Absolute Destruction is a Fuzz pedal like no other, mangling and contorting your signal in ways you never thought possible. Featuring a simple design, the Absolute Destruction has one control for the overall master volume and sliders for both gain and 'overload,' allowing you to set a threshold at which point your distorted tone with be completely unrecognisable as a guitar. Whether lower gain smoother sounds or ear-bleeding fuzz tones, the Absolute Destruction is one of the most unique ways to add some sonic mayhem to your pedalboard set up. 

Lovingly constructed by an imitable crew of innovative circuit tweakers, Death By Audio effects are Brooklyn based boutique stompboxes, and not for the faint hearted. Their impressive roster lists the likes of Wilco, Xiu Xiu, The Flaming Lips and Lou Reed to name a few.