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Effect: Fuzz

The eye-catching bright yellow BAE Royaltone is composed of two separate sections with individual true-bypass stomp switches. The first is the fuzz section. This silicon-based circuit can be dialed with controls that will be familiar to users of 70s silicon fuzzes: an Attack knob determines the amount of distortion applied, while the Level control to set the desired output volume from the pedal. The BAE Royaltone’s fuzz imparts an instantly recognizable spitting, buzzy grit that cuts right through even the densest mix. Whether you’re playing chords or lead lines, the Attack knob offers a range of distortion possibilities from a subtle bite to a raging fuzz.

The second section of the BAE Royaltone is a three-band EQ circuit. Vintage versions of the fuzz circuits that the BAE Royaltone is based on often included a single tone knob if any at all, so the BAE Royaltone’s EQ provides a much wider range of sonic potential than previously possible in a single stompbox. Going further still, the ability to turn the EQ on and off with its own true-bypass footswitch enables guitar players to have different tonal options for different parts of a song. Kick in a midrange scoop with a bass boost for riffing on the lower strings, switching the EQ off for chord work higher on the neck. Or dial in your perfect rhythm guitar tone and kick on a nice midrange boost for the solo. Classic but with modern versatility and the quality assurance of the BAE Audio name, the BAE Royaltone is a must try for the world’s electric guitarists.

Main Features of the BAE Royaltone Pedal:
All Solid State design with 4 Bipolar, low noise transistors.
Individual sections for High Frequency Boost and Fuzz; each section has true bypass foot switch.
Sonically selected film, ceramic, mica, and electrolytic capacitors.
Individual gain pots for each section. Fuzz section also has control pots for Juice, Bass, and Treble.
Power: Single 9V battery; can be bypassed with external power supply and 2.5mm power jack - center Negative; battery need not be removed.
Total Maximum current draw: <6 mA.
Unit is powered when input is connected, whether LEDs are on or off. Remove plug from the input jack to conserve battery power.
Handbuilt in the USA.
BAE build quality throughout.