Bee Buzz

by Black Cat Pedals


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Effect: Fuzz

The Black Cat BeeBuzz is a version of the original Roland BeeBaa. This began as a special request for the Japanese market and now is a standard production unit. We acquired an original Roland Bee Baa from an avid effects collector and very good customer. This assured that we would have an accurate reference for the original circuit. But we quickly noted many areas in the original Bee Baa that needed improvement, such as excessive noise and lack of balance between the tone settings. In addition, the “Treble Boost” in the original Bee Baa was not a feature that most players found useful – so we worked on making a boost mode that would appeal to the modern guitarist.
• Metal film resistors, audio grade capacitors, and 3PDT true-bypass switches • Uses 2.1mm Boss-style power jack, or internal 9V battery • Two LEDs – one On/Off indicator and one Bi-Color LED to indicate Fuzz/Boost modes • Transparent color brushed aluminum enclosure, elegant top-grade knobs and hardware.