Bi Comprossor

by Analog Man


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Effect: Compressor

2008 model. In excellent condition, with original box.

For guitarists who must have more than one compressor option, Analog Man created the Bi-Comprossor, which improves upon and combines the best qualities of the Ross Compressor and the Dan Armstrong Orange Squeezer. Each can be used separately or together via dual 3PDT stomp switches.

Actuated by the left footswitch, the Ross side is similar to an MXR Dyna Comp but with better sustain. It features new-old-stock (NOS) 2SC1849 Matsushita transistors of the type used in the original Ross Compressor and Dyna Comp, yet is cleaner-sounding and has more sustain (though it lacks the Squeezer’s earthiness). The right footswitch (the “OS” side) uses NOS 2N5437 transistors, 1N100 diodes, and a JRC4558 chip for increased smoothness. It compresses the attack of each note with a natural-sounding decay increase and yields the compressed signature grit heard on Steely Dan and Dire Straits records.

 The Analog Man Bi-Comprossor does a great job of dialing in a plethora of clean boost, subtle compression, or maximum strength squish. If you want transparency, look elsewhere. If you want improved tonal quality in a sturdy little package, look no further.