Casper Delay

by Cast Engineering

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Effect: Delay

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The Casper brings you classic analog delay tones in a compact, digital pedal. Simple and to the point yet extremely dynamic and versatile. Designed to please any delay fan out there, tonally and visually. Our analog signal path flows through a custom tuned echo processor with a wide variety of sounds, from quirky trash can type tones to classic slap back to dreamy soundscapes. Topped off with our unique “Ghost Lit” control knobs. Guaranteed to become a pedalboard favorite!

- 700 MS of Delay Time
- Bypass Switch - true bypass of signal
- Repeats - adjusts the amount of repeated signal
- Delay - adjusts time of delay signal
- Level - adjusts volume of delayed signal
- Internal Trim Pot - adjusts feedback circuit controlling the self oscillation from none to over the top crazy!
- Ghost Lit Knobs
- 9V Battery or standard negative tip power supply
- Can be powered anywhere between 9 and 18 volts
- Top Quality Components
- Designed and Hand Built in Atlanta, GA