Cognative Dissonance MKIV

by Skreddy Pedals


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Effect: Fuzz

Powerful and high gain while remaining tight and articulate, this fuzz pedal's versatility lends it to many different musical applications.

The Cognitive Dissonance MkIV retains excellent string separation in chords. Articulate, not too mushy; retains your attack and playing nuances at all levels of gain.

Kick it on and you'll instantly be inspired by this vintage-style, 4-silicon-transistor distortion / fuzz / sustain stompbox. The Cognitive Dissonance's™ refined tone and precise response are products of years of research and experience in fuzz design.

The Scoop/Flat switch shifts the midrange content from lightly mid-scooped to just enough more mids to fill in the vocal frequency range in a natural way without altering the fundamental character.