Colorsound Fuzz Sound By D*A*M

by Sola Sound


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Effects: Fuzz, Germanium

The D*A*M Fuzz Sound, nicknamed the 'Blue #22'....there are a few components on the board with the value of either 22 or 220, the fine folks at D.A.M. thought it was kinda like Johnny 5!?!...yea, it was funny at the time, you had to be there I guess.


Extended is the word. David Main took the MKIV circuit and stretched it out, dense and yet bright, heavy but crisp. The EQ throw is much more open on both registers, it's a little more full range than midrange with enough amplitude to upset your neighbors neighbor.

There are elements taken from both the Grease Box and D*A*M Fuzz Sounds so this is a much more modern sounding fuzz device in many ways, but still, its an archaic circuit so the 70's flavors are very much present. It's still dirty burgers, yellow aviators and too fat an ass stuffed in blue denim. 

Super Charged.

High stability high quality components on our stock MKIV circuit board powered and lovingly smushed into your ears by a trio of NKTOC84N's, the same device as used in our turquoise and grey Tone Bender MKIV's.

Tune to taste?

That funky looking blue structure is a thumb wheel trim pot. This controls your fuzz and sustain levels. The 'factory setting' if you will, is at approx. 90%. There is a little more juice in the can if required, but under test this amount was more than ample for both single coils, humbuckers and even bass instruments. But 'tis there if you need it, fiddlers gonna fiddle.

This is a limited run of 30 pedals Worldwide