Colorsound Fuzz Sound By Pigdog

by Sola Sound


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Effects: Fuzz, Germanium


The King of the MKIII Tone Benders ?? - maybe - just maybe -. If not the King certainly his most violent and capable bodyguard !!!

Based upon Steve's vintage two knob Park Fuzz Sound the Pigdog rendition is as the man says himself, warts n all.

Delivering a choppy fast attack with a guttural throaty bark, the stylized tones contained within the Pigdog Fuzz Sound are truly antique to the core.

Displaying an almost MKI feel in note break-up and note punctuation with pleasingly rounded highs and more than ample punch in the lower mid range. This Pigdog creation displays great tuning and biasing skills with a spookily low signal to noise ratio.

One thing to note. Tonally vintage - yes. Vintage output level - hell no! This thing can get bulldozer loud and then some.

As with both the Pigdog and D*A*M Fuzz Sound; and to be true to the vintage counter parts, the Attack control is in fact the tone filter. Yay! Go Colorsound!! The kings of mislabeled control dials.

What this means dear user is that your Pigdog Fuzz Sound is wired for maximum sustain and fuzz delivery, there is no 'set to stun' mode here. Kill or be killed. 

Collars and cuffs.

The 60's feel is felt from the inside out. A finely crafted reverse style circuit board is featured populated by juicy NOS parts with the driving force delivered by a trio of black glass OC75 germanium devices.
There is a grand total of 53 Pigdog Fuzz Sounds in total. I could be mistaken, but this could be the first ever Pigdog device to contain a PCB....either which way, if this type of thing is your bag, don't hang around scratching your ( I have edited this out - full transcript on the DAM forum page ).