Deep Animation

by Death By Audio

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Effects: DBA, Envelope filter

The Deep Animation Envelope Filter is a unique take on the sound of a classic envelope filter in a way that only Death By Audio could do it. The Deep Animation features a simple control layout that can dial in one of the most unique filter sounds available in pedal form. The Sensitivity knob determines the point at which the filter reacts to the dynamics of your playing, while the Intensity control simultaneously increases the resonance and amount of your filtered signal, while adding a level of grit to the filter as it is increased. The Deep animation also features a five way frequency selector switch for moving between different frequency bands, further allowing you to refine your sound. The additional UP/DOWN control allows you to easily switch the direction of the filters decay on the fly. 

Lovingly constructed by an imitable crew of innovative circuit tweakers, Death By Audio effects are Brooklyn based boutique stompboxes, and not for the faint hearted. Their impressive roster lists the likes of Wilco, Xiu Xiu, The Flaming Lips and Lou Reed to name a few.

Model Specs:

Input: Plug an instrument in to this jack.
Trig: Plug another instrument in to this jack to trigger the filter sweep with that instrument.
Out: Connect this to the amplifier.
Sensitivity: Determines the point at which the filter kicks in and how dynamic the filter shifts to the input amplitude.
Intensity: Simultaneously blends in the resonance, amount, and grit of the filter.
Vol: Adjusts the output volume of the DEEP ANIMATION.
Frequency Selector: Selects the frequency range of the filter.
Bypass: True bypass the effect.
Up / Down: Controls the direction the filter travels when decaying after being triggered. UP sweeps the frequency from higher frequencies to lower ones, DOWN does the reverse. 
Additional Features: There is a subtle light which indicates when the trigger is being triggered behind the main bypass LED.