DS10 Distortion Charger

by Ibanez


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Here is the most versatile and unique distortion unit ever produced!! The DS10 can satisfy any type of distortion from classic type to massive metal overdrive. The DS10 starts out as a basic overdrive with two band, post-distortion equalization, but that's only the beginning. What separates the DS10 from the rest is the addition of a high frequency enhancement section. Basically, what happens here, is that high frequency signals are sampled, phaseshifted, and remixed into the output. The result is a clear yet sweet sound. Combine the Enhance circuit with the built in distortion for a wide range of effects or use it independently by way of the out "B" jack. Once you have tried a DS10 Distortion Charger, you will agree that this is what distortion units should have been all along.