Duellum Fuzz MKII

by faceless fx


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Effects: Fuzz, MKII, Tonebender

The Duellum Fuzz is a take on a classic MKII Tonebender circuit, however this one has added control over the textures of Fuzz with Bias and Girth controls.
The Bias starves the circuit and dialled down will give that classic spitty gated tone normally found in MKi’s.
The Girth gives an added dimension to the sound, go from thin and articulate which allows more treble through, to fat and saturated but that still retains definition. 

The Fuzz is very responsive to pick attack and cleans up really well with the guitars volume control.

Its good to start with the Bias and Girth full on for a classic MKII then dial back on the Bias and or Girth to find other textures.

3 NOS germainium transistors housed in a hand etched enclosure.