Emerald Green Distortion Machine (Si)

by Bearfoot FX


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Effect: Overdrive

The all new Emerald Green Distortion Machine Silver (for Silicon) standard edition in translucent emerald green! Same BJFe vibe
with larger logo and clearly labelled knobs!
This is the “original recipe” BJFe version of the EGDM!

Codename: Killer Green Distortion Machine! Really nails the Queen tone!

The EGDM covers a wide swath of British dirt, and can cover both Vox and Marshall territory and more! It is built to be both a distortion generator and a proper booster to cause the amp to make the driven sounds…and is useful for combinations of both. The original BJFe EGDM has a bright, silicon-flavored edge. When making the first BearFoot EGDM, we decided to bring in the warmth of germanium transistors to make it useful for a wider range of amps. The EGOD is still germanium and focuses on the British flavors in a lower intensity about equal to the Honey Bee. BUT we are now unleashing the original BJFe formula EGDM in the form of the new Emerald Green Distortion Machine Silver (or ‘S’…for Silicon), which offers more edge and swirling high harmonics than the Germanium version, and is brighter overall. You will understand why the treble control was added.