by Lone Wolf Audio


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Effects: Distortion, Nolan, Pre Amp


For 16+ years, an amplifier was on my top want list.

A one of a kind 1972 modified high gain Nolan.

I now own said amplifier.

I have now fully reversed its EQ mods and created a preamp pedal based on its masterpiece of tone.

This pedal is the ultimate culmination of my Nolan collection.

The Flamethrower features

27v of headroom , with its power section based on the amplifiers Partridge loaded power section.

a fully unique EQ structure, which functions like a Hiwatt EQ, an Ampeg EQ and a Marshall EQ depending where Tilt and Sweep are set.

Scoopable and boosted mids at the same time?


It also features an onboard Boost section to ignite your leads with gasoline.

As this pedals high voltage topology requires an isolated and regulated power supply, the use of a budget brand power supply like a one spot or a daisy chain is not authorized.

failure to adhere to power requirements will result in undesired operation.