Floyd Fuzz (Red Army)

by Tru-Fi


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Effects: Big Muff, Fuzz, Rams Head

The Floyd Fuzz is named after Pink Floyd and it's classic iconic Big Muff user David Gilmour. As we moved towards building custom pedals for everyone you can order this pedal in 5 classic versions. What make's these unique is that we use the original transistor's that came in the original units. That is the key to the true Muff Tone, that and real components no surface mounted cellphone technology !

Creamy Dreamer
Red Army

Now the pedal doesn't do all 5 version you have to order which one you want ! Tri-Angle the original design from Electro Harmonix was bit a milder, the RAMs Head was classic 70s fuzz distortion. The Creamy Dreamer was a late 90s design from a private builder that was a bit more gainy. Smashing Pumpkins was a big user of this pedal. In the 80s the Big Muff had a re-birth with Electro Harmonix building the Red Army and Russian take off of this classic design.

This one here is the Ram's Head.

Please Note, Tru-Fi pedals are available in many different finishes including Chrome.
Some models have different transistor and Plaque options. Get in touch if you want something specific.