FZ Fuzz

by Hungry Robot


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Not a muff, not a fuzzface, not a clone of any kind.  It is a truly original fuzz design that has its own unique sound, straight from the Hungry Robot lab. 

 The [fz] has a guttural low end you can feel in your chest, a harmonically rich top end, and amazing note articulation for individual notes and complex chords.

 It follows in the footsteps of the very successful [lg] and [hg] and holds true to the Hungry Robot design philosophy for gain devices.  The [fz] has narrowly focused, predictable external controls (fuzz,tone,volume).  The real magic happens inside.  Like its namesake, it has 6 internal dipswitches for tone shaping that allows you to fine-tune the fuzz to match your mood, rig, or playing style