Hammer Distortion

by Greer Amplification

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Effect: Distortion

The Hammer is an amazing and versatile pedal. With tones that range from gnarly Texas rock distortion at one end of the spectrum, to squashed out, almost cut-off fuzz, this pedal has a ton of texture on tap! The Gain and Grunt control work in tandem with one another. As they are both increased, the pedal transitions from distortion to fuzz. The Grunt control hisses and pops when it is turned (don’t worry, it’s quieter once in position). This pedal can go from awesome, huge stadium rock distortion tones, to vintage almost Shin Ei type fuzz tones. When the Gain and Grunt controls are both set to higher positions, the Hammer gives up the goods in the “almost 8-bit” like territory, with note decay dropping into awesome distortion sounds!

Tones that range from distortion to almost 8-bit type fuzz!
Two controls that effect the gain structure of the pedal!
Rock tones with amazing fuzz available!
True Bypass
Uses 9-Volt battery or standard neg. center, 2.1mm power supply
Built with top quality components
Lifetime Warranty to the original owner
Turning the GRUNT control will result in hissing and popping, as it is in motion. Once it is set, the hissing and popping goes away.