Hot Fuzz

by BAE Audio


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Effect: Fuzz

The Hot Fuzz pedal is essentially two pedals in one. The left side is a high frequency boost and the right side is an English 1970's style fuzz box. The Hot Fuzz can be used independently or in series to create a high frequency distortion.

All Solid State design with 4 Bipolar, low noise transistors.
Transistor Noise Figure <2 dB across the entire audio band.
Individual sections for High Frequency Boost and Fuzz; each section has true bypass foot switch.
High Frequency Boost: single stage. Up to 5kH
Fuzz: triple stage.
Sonically selected film, ceramic, mica, and electrolytic capacitors.
Individual gain pots for each section. Fuzz section also has control pots for Juice, Bass, and Treble.
Output fully adjustable from 0 to 3.5Vrms, referenced to a 40mV input signal and all controls full.
Power: Single 9V battery; can be bypassed with external power supply and 2.5mm power jack - center Negative; battery need not be removed.
Total Maximum current draw: <6 mA.
Unit is powered when input is connected, whether LEDs are on or off. Remove plug from Input jack to conserve battery power.
Handbuilt in the USA
BAE build quality throughout.

Power Requirements

Dimensions in Inches
2.5H x 6L x 3.5W