Iron Fist V3

by Lone Wolf Audio


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Effects: Big Muff, Fuzz

The Lone Wolf Audio Iron Fist is based on one of the most sought after vintage stompboxes - the legendary Big Muff Ram's Head from the 70s. The Big Muff circuit has always been a playground for modifications and Boutique effect variations - Lone Wolf audio is no exception and has done a tremendously versatile quality Muff. On the board the hand-selected vintage transistors do their job, the mainstay of a fuzz/distortion circuit, the clipping diodes are repeatedly switched to produce different types of distortion. This application uses NOS germanium diodes, silicon LED and Schotky diodes. The clipping diodes can also be completely removed from the signal, which produces a powerful volume boost. The Mids Control can get to grips with the typical Big Muffs hole in the mid frequencies.