Kusangi Fuzz

by Skreddy Pedals


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Effect: Fuzz

Now Discontinued, my last one.

Germanium 3-transistor fuzz based on the circa 1966 Tonebender design

The Skreddy Kusanagi takes that classic fat germanium fuzz sound and gives it modern pedalboard friendliness with DC adapter power and normal (negative ground) polarity.
Adjustable bias allows you to tailor the response from classic gated fuzz (no hum when you don't play) to a smoother, always-on fuzz that cleans up with the guitar volume. Plenty of sustain either way.

Built using oldschool, high-voltage, axial capacitors, big 1/2 Watt carbon comp resistors (with a few exceptions), and 3 germanium transistors (metal-can AC127 models)

All hand wired with Switchcraft open-frame jacks.