Left Hand Wrath

by Lone Wolf Audio


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Effects: Distortion, HM-2

The Lone Wolf Audio LeftHand Wrath is Joe Anastasio`s interpretation of one of the most sought after pedals from the 80's the HM-2. The HM-2 was the first real Metal Distortion pedal effect on the market, in the early 90s Swedish bands like Dismember and Nihilist (later Entombed) created their legendary "Buzzsaw" sound with this pedal.

The LeftHand Wrath is a high-end version of the HM-2s with some modifications and improvements. Also added is a center controller that operates in the high middle range and can control the bruzzeligen high mid portions independently from the treble. With the Vintage / Modern footswitch, an additional presence control can be added which provides an extra boost to "Top End". The character of the distortion can be changed with a 3 fold Clipping switch - choose from the original Japanese Vintage diodes sound of the original, no diodes in the signal or a pair of Vintage Germanium diodes for a softer, but still-present basic sound. Perimeter noises are held to a minimum thanks to the high quality, selected components even at "full throttle" setting limits.