LS-2 Line Selector

by Boss


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The Boss LS-2 Line Switcher is a straightforward pedal for switching between two different amps, or setting up two distinct pedal loops to activate with the press of one button. For an easy and affordable way to improve the functionality of your rig, the LS-2 is a great tool to use.

Two Line Loops

The LS-2 features two line loops to switch between. You can use this as a way to incorporate two amplifiers into your rig and switch between two distinct amp tones. You can also use it to set up two pedal loops, switching the two on or off with just the press of a button. If you’ve got two core sounds you like to get from your pedals you can easily get them without having to tap dance on your pedalboard. You also get two level controls so you can make sure each loop matches in volume.

6 Loop Modes

For extra functionality, the LS-2 has six different loop modes which change how the switching works. A whole host of options open up using these modes which include:

  • A / B - Switch between loop A and loop B
  • A / Bypass - Switch between loop A and bypass
  • B / Bypass - Switch between loop B and bypass
  • A / B / Bypass - Switch between loop A, loop B, and bypass
  • A + B Mix / Bypass - Switch between both loop A and B together and bypass. Blend the two loops using the line controls
  • Output Select - For switching between amps