M1 Stacked Ram's Head

by Buffalo FX


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This is ex demo and is in very good condition with the box and manual.

Based on the iconic Ram’s Head circuit the M1 takes it to another level. Coupled with an active treble and bass eq the M1 may be the most versatile muff derived pedal available.

The basis of the pedal is the classic Ram’s Head / Power booster stack allowing the sonic qualities of the muff to shine but with a slightly less harsh rounder tone with more midrange

Bring the controls to around noon and you have the boosted ram’s Head tone, add more treble and you have a tone more similar to a traditional ram’s head, push the bass to full and roll back the treble and you are very close to the Patriot with slightly more mids. With bass on zero and treble set to taste it produces a soaring lead tone that will cut through any mix.

A total of 6 gain stages, each tuned perfectly to give an enormous amount of gain while maintaining an extremely low noise floor. The eq has been modified to make it more usable at all settings, Modifications to the input stage mean your guitar pickups will see an input impedance of 1mOhmThe output stage is also modified to give a constant output impedance of under 10k

Battery free, requires 9v dc supply only