Mini Overdrive

by smallsound/bigsound


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Effect: Overdrive

Modified fuck overdrive.

the mini. sure, it could have been named the mini-fuck or any other name your sick mind can come up with that revolve around those two words... but we decided to keep it clean this time and make this a pedal for the masses.
technically speaking, the mini is a modified fuck overdrive. you get the same lovely JFET overdrive at the core, but without the grungy blown-amp-crackle that makes the fuck so unique. rather, it has been replaced with a very simple BIAS knob which allows the user to dial in saggy lo-fi gnar to clean chime-y hi-fi. an additional BASS knob has also been added to get even cleaner sparkle-y treble boost type tones or let the full (more bass than the fuck!) range pummel the JFETs for huge low end.
the mini is an excellent addition for fuck overdrive users who love the tone of the pedal and use it as an "always on" signal fattener - now you can have both worlds, with one in a smaller package!