Mini Gypsy Face

by LoFiMind Effects


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Effects: Fuzz, Fuzz Face

THE GYPSY FACE  its a unique take based on the fuzzface,  with a couple of modifications that really make you stand on the killing floor.

Some options are available to build it with two kinds of transistor, silicon NOS transistors or Hybrid (germanium + silicon) This one is a hybrid.

All the GYPSY FACE are built with NOS  vintage capacitors and NOS vintage resistors, all mounted in a PCB designed by LofiMind Effects mods

No loss of volume when chaining the pedal, with a great clean up when lowering the guitar volume, and they come close to the octafuzz tones so sought after and characteristic of that classic tone used by Jimi Hendrix

This pedal needs 9v center negative, isolated power.