MKI Tone bender by Castledine

by Sola Sound


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Effects: Fuzz, MK1

This is a fantastic recreation that was brought to us by Macaris, the original and only Sola sound !  All of the first run sold out very quickly. This unit is still in immaculate condition, its number 23.

The origin. An expertly crafted and meticulous replication of Stuart's own vintage Tone Bender MKI, which is likely one of the, if not thee, oldest known example of a metal bodied MKI in existence. An all together different beast to our other three MKIs. If you desire the primitive well this is it. Dark, ripping, raspy, very stylistically 1960's, the FZ-1A origins are very much in play here. Heavy bottomed and well rounded with a choppy almost percussive attack. Sincerely wonderful and inspiring tones to be had at lower gain settings, dense and chewy at maximum fuzz settings. A much dryer and less saturated tone than the aforementioned devices. Clean amp at volume, big reverb, fuzz tone heaven. Mr. Castledine seriously knows his shit. The skillful approach in all areas of this pedals creation affirms this tenfold.

The assembly here is 100% old school. Old timey all the way. For all intents and purposes this is a vintage Tone Bender visually and sonically. Construction differs in that Veroboard is used over the paper based phenoilc types (Paxolin, Tufnol, etc) and there is no battery door access. Stuart's original unit is made in this way so the replication follows suit. Three black glass OC75's deliver the goods along with Arcol carbon composition resistors and Vishay and Sprague capacitors.