ODR-1 Overdrive

by Nobels


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Effect: Overdrive

Nobel's are an interesting pedal company that have been around since 1985 but you may have not seen them around much. They are considered to be one of the industry's best kept secrets and the ODR-1 is the pedal that got them that name. Quite often called one of the best overdrive pedals ever made the ODR-1 can be found on boards all over the world.

Three Controls, Amazing Tones.
The idea is that with three controls you can cover an incredible range of sounds from on the edge single coil chime to powerful humbucker rock. The best part is that it does all of that while still remaining natural sounding, pushing your tube amp in a way that never sounds too harsh or too boomy.

They have achieved this unique ability is the Spectrum control that acts as your tone control, but also so much more. Which yes it does add in more high end as you turn it up it also adjusts other areas of the pedal to set the response perfect for that frequency range. Because of this even when it is turned down for low response you still have plenty of clarity and a full dynamic range.

Pushed Clean Amp to Gain Filled Stack
As this pedal is so versatile that you can use it for everything from blues and country crunch to hard rock without any problems. This is why it has been picked up by so many different session musicians who need a select few pedals to provide every kind of overdrive to their rig.