Patriot MKII

by Buffalo FX


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Effect: Fuzz

An update to the original Patriot, the most thunderous muff tone possible and the closest you can get to the sought after Gilmour Pulse tone.

The MkII Patriot preserves the tone of the original Patriot 100% but lets you cut the low end and boost the midrange

The mid and bass controls when in the fully anticlockwise position don't affect the tone but increase either one for additional bite and less low end

Synonymous with David Gilmour’s tone during Pink Floyd’s Division Bell tour this muff is arguably the biggest and the heaviest of them all. For those searching the creamiest of smooth lead tones and crushing rhythms this is the go to pedal.

The circuit is tweaked in all the right places, extremely rare Russian diodes as found in the originals are thrown into the mix too.