by Frantone


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Effect: Fuzz

Its a classic, rated as one of the best fuzztones of all time by Music Radar. I won't disagree, it is superb. This unit is from 2006 with a hand etched circuit board and it is in excellent condition, comes with original box.

This 3-knob Peachfuzz fuzztone has all the great classic sound with 50% more gain than the original 2-knob model.  It has been hot-rodded with super quiet circuitry and the addition of a rockin' tone control.  Truly the finest in lead-guitar tone and second to none in performance, the Peachfuzz is a must for all serious players.   Looking for a screaming cranked-to-ten amp-in-a-box, smooth singing fuzztone, and overdrive distortion all in one?   Well, this is for you!