Pork N Beans Boost

by Greer Amplification


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Effects: Boost, Treblebooster

The Pork N Beans boost is based on a vintage Rangemaster.  This pedal utilizes an AC128 Germanium transistor, and amplifier quality components.  Hand wired on a vintage style tag strip, this pedal is built to last and push your sound into tone heaven!  The Pork and Beans features a two position toggle switch, and a single volume control.  This pedal gives you two options on the boost sound.  The Beans setting provides the user a "treble" boost.  The Pork setting provides the user a "mid-range" boost.  This pedal can get you into the territory of Mr. Clapton, or Mr. Page...even Mr. May's tones are accessible if you have the right red guitar and vintage amp!