Pulse Drive Tremolo

by Cast Engineering

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The Pulse Drive is our enhanced version of the classic transistor based, Anthony Leo tremolo circuit. You can get those warm, clean tremolo tones to swampy vibes to choppy goodness. Having 30db of boost on board, you can add some extra grit to the tremolo or turn the depth off and have straight boost/drive to send your amp into sweet overdrive land! Visually this pedal stands out with our light up knobs that blink with the rate of the tremolo.

- Bypass Switch - true bypass of signal
- Rate - adjusts tremolo speed
- Depth - adjusts intensity of tremolo
- Level - adjusts volume/acts as boost after unity gain
- Turn depth all the way down to use as just a boost
- Light up knobs blink to tremolo rate
- 9V Battery or standard negative tip power supply
- Top Quality Components
- Designed and Hand Built in Atlanta, GA