Ripkens Bat

by faceless fx


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Effect: Fuzz

This unit is 1 of 1 Germanium High Gain Unit featuring 2 OC141's


The Ripken's Bat is a fantastic tonal fuzz tool, it is based around the Tonebenber MK1.5 and Fuzz Face which is a two transistor circuit. Normally this circuit incorporates only the Attack and Volume controls but the Ripkins Bat also incorporates a tone, a bias and a soft control making it very versatile indeed.

The tone goes from thick and chunky to a top end sparkle without thinning out the gain. Start with the Bias at full and roll back to starve the transistors of juice and make them grumpy, they will start to sag and spit. The Soft control alters the ease of cleanup on higher output pickups, but can also change the texture of the sound whatever you're using. This is great as it also rounds off the sharp edges of the gain structure. It is subtle but very apparent at louder volumes.

The Ripkins Bat comes in various transistor configurations, all silicon, all germanium or a Si/Ge hybrid. You can select the transistor type in the drop down menu if there is stock available.

Produced in very small quantities and proudly made in Derbyshire, UK by a Masterbuilder