SFG | Guitar/Bass/Synth Distortion

by Baltimore Sonic Research Institute


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Effects: Bass, Bass Effects, Distortion

SFG is a distortion pedal for bass, synths, and guitars with a voice that ranges from vintage to modern. It is designed to produce tones inspired by vintage distortion stompboxes while eliminating all of their shortcomings and dramatically increasing versatility. SFG features an active equalization circuit with BASS and TREBLE controls that provide 15dB of boost and cut to sculpt your perfect sound. SFG further allows you to blend in clean signal at full bandwidth or at two low pass filter settings for signal chain configurations that simulate studio bi-amping techniques for massive distorted bass tones. SFG features a comprehensive power protection scheme to prevent damage from over-voltage or reverse polarity power supplies and runs on 36V internally for massive headroom.