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Effects: Distortion, Filter

In excellent condition, with box and manual.

  • We have two (almost identical) distortion channels running in parallel. (DISTO 1, DISTO 2)
  • Each channel has a distortion module, a pre distortion band-pass filter and a post distortion low-pass filter.
  • Each filter has it’s own frequency (FREQ), modulation depth (MOD) and resonance setting (PEAK)
  • The distortion module goes from soft tube-like clipping (SOFT, HARD) to the harshest gated square, including octave-up and octave-down (SQUARE, -1 OCT, -2 OCT, +1 OCT)
  • Distortion channels can be fed by dry signal or by a transistor fuzz (FUZZ)
  • Distortions can be blended with the dry signal. (MIX)
  • Modulation applied to filter’s frequency can be either envelope up, envelope down, LFO or expression pedal. (MOD)
  • The LFO speed can be controlled by envelope down envelope up or expression pedal. (LFO CTRL)