by Stone Deaf FX

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Effect: Delay

Syncopy is your perfect sonic centre, where echoes of the past meet and merge perfectly with technology of the future.

With 1 full second of gorgeous and textural fully analog delay, based on classic bucket brigade technology and a fully analog modulation section, combined with the added benefit of modern-day digital control, Syncopy allows you to create, control, save and recall a multitude of delay tones on the fly!

From short classic delays to long and lush modulated echoes and all the way to otherworldly special fx, Syncopy does it all without flinching, while providing the deep and ultra-precise control required by modern day musicians.

• Analog bucket-brigade delay pedal – from 50ms to 1 sec of delay time

• Built-in Modulation – add lush movement or crazy Special FX to your trails

• Tap Tempo and 4 subdivisions – get your delays in sync or hold tap for wild self-oscillation

• 128 Presets - first 4 readily available directly on the pedal, additional presets available via MIDI

• Expression and MIDI control – for on the fly parameter changes

• Handmade in the UK with True-Bypass switching