TA-24 Treble booster

by Telenordia


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Effects: Boost, Germanium, Treblebooster

This is a rare one. I have had it from new. 

Telenordia was the forerunner to what became Tortenmann, who I believe are no longer in operation. These were pedals made to the highest spec and sounded incredible. 

The TA-24 Treble Booster is a versatile electrical instrument preamplifier that allows up to 22dB of full-range level boost, with the additional possibility to switch in a high-pass filter with various selectable corner frequencies. The Gain ist continously adjustable, a Tone control offers an additional means of sound shaping.

Although primarily designed for the use with an electrical guitar, it may also be used with other instruments. Being very similar in circuitry to the TA-23 Booster, it is based on discrete germanium transistor circuitry and will therefore always add a flavour to the sound, especially at high gain settings.


  • Germanium inside
  • True Bypass
  • LED indicator
  • 9V Adapter input or battery connector
  • Made in Germany

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