The Plague

by Lone Wolf Audio

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Effects: DIstortion, used

In very good condition, no box.

Much more than a standard rat type pedal and featuring a far superior op amp than the much over rated and boring LM308 , and these refined features.

Top mount jacks, 

A 27+ v internal operating range , 

An updated lo cut control that scoops/ pushes the Midrange, 

A 6 way rotary clipping switch , 

A clean blend , 

A secondary mode with more low end to fix the issue every rat has, 

And enough saturation to spray the walls with the competitions insides like a Wolf with a Shotgun.

Due to the high voltage conversion of this pedal, the use of a budget brand daisy chain/chinese knock off power supply is not recommended.

This pedal is made to run on an isolated and regulated DC brick, and will work on a 100ma tap.