Trashy Blonde Paracentric Distortion

by Stone Deaf FX


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Effect: Distortion

Everybody loves a Trashy Blonde and you will too, once you get your chance to play with one! With its paracentric filter, it offers never before heard tones from a pedal that thinks its a classic British amp. Once you hear it fully cranked, you will be putting on a school uniform thinking your Angus Young of AC/DC or you'll be having a crack at Voodoo Child by Jimi Hendrix because that expression pedal input we have installed will allow you to instantly access some awesome wah tones from this pedal using our custom expression pedal.

You will find that it has an extraordinary amount of tone compared to other pedals trying to mimic a Plexi or JTM45 amplifier as It's like having 4 pedals in one because it gives you the following features to tweak and play with like no other British flavored pedal on the market. Its something that's going to give you instant access to new tones that you never thought existed out of a stand alone distortion before. Your other half won't see you for days because you will be locked inside your bedroom exploring the vast amount of tones it has on offer.

It is manufactured in the United Kingdom, from high quality components including WIMA caps, custom manufactured Alpha Pots, custom manufactured enclosures, custom manufactured 5 way Lorlin rotary switch and Neutrik jack sockets. Its built to last, its built to give you decades of great tone, helping you to be creative whether you're an amateur 3 chord wonder (like myself) or a professional like the many famous bands that use Stone Deaf products. This one is going to stay on your board and your going to want one of its brothers or sisters so it doesn't get lonely!