Warp Drive

by Stone Deaf FX

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Effect: Distortion

Gain, Gain and more Gain far beyond this galaxy that is here to stay. Imagine a pedal that can articulate high gain of many high gain amps and imagine a pedal that will send your cleanest of amps in to “Warp Drive” and as if by magic or the force we have it right here.
The warp drive is a high gain monster of massive proportions with a built in noise gate that’s as tight as a ducks arse and a powerful EQ to get that ultra scooped industrial sound if that’s where your aiming or mid focussed tight chuggy magic.
You will not be disappointed by its power and chug. In lead territory it excels are producing cutting lead for squeals, pinched harmonics and whammy bends. Combine it with the EP-1 and your in territory never explored properly by a high gain pedal, such as high gain wah wah, high gain phaser, high gain on the fly tone control.