1965 Tone Distorter (Agent H)

by D*A*M Stompboxes


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Effects: Fuzz, MK1

Not much needs to be said about this its so legendary.  The DAM 1965 Tone Distorter, based on the MKI circuit. Its a culmination of 15 years worth of study and research into the rare and elusive Solasound MK I Tonebender. Presented in the classic D*A*M enclosure format and installed with a slide-out Bulgin battery drawer the 1965 offers a vintage indulgence with modern day durability and dependence.

Agent H
The first ever vintage MKI I laid my hands on was a very battered and bruised dry letter transfer labelled unit. These could be referred to as the 'Hurst' models, as they bore no company moniker at that time. This version is a sonic reproduction of that first Hurst MKI that I studied. The overall tone is much darker than what would occur soon thereafter. The fuzz timbre is sturdy, thick and pleasingly sticky at times, but bares some tonal traits of its origins, the Maestro FZ-1. There is an overall percussive choppiness and richness to the tone not present in the voicing of the later incarnations of the MKI. The overall output of this version is a little less in overall output volume, and I do stress the dark nature of the tone. Used with an instrument loaded with single coil pick-ups and a tonally bright amplifier, and you have a beautiful balance to unite this circuit type with.