1971 Maestro Bass Brassmaster BB-1 Fuzz

by Maestro


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In good condition for its age and appears all original, works perfectly and sounds awesome. 

In the early 1970s, Maestro created a pedal that would shed light on the bass player. The BB-1, a bass fuzz/octave pedal, had a relatively short span of production. It was manufactured from 1971-1974.

It’s quite unique in its circuitry and was not a copy of any other pedal at the time. Using a split at the input stage of the pedal, the signal is sent simultaneously through both a clean and a fuzz path. After the signal is run through both paths, it is combined at the preamp output stage where it can be blended for a cleaner sound with a touch of harmonic distortion, or a gnarly, over-the-top fuzz tone. As you turn up the “Brass Vol.” knob, more fuzz is added to the signal. The “Sensitivity” knob is essentially a mix knob that allows you to blend between the dry sound of your instrument and the effected signal. Lastly, the “Bass Vol.” knob does exactly what its name infers. It adds more low end.